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Post  KrisIsHidden on Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:59 pm

IGN: KrisIsHidden
Character Name: Sirus Strider and Devestator
Character Age: 27 and 38
Character Appearance: Wears the robes from the House of Cain, Symbolising his service under his Father that he sealed away long ago. His robes tell a story about his times as a ruler, a betrayer and a warlord, these robes have been with him for generations, and he will wear them until the day he dies, so that the world will know his name.
Character Story Description: Sirus is and always will be one of the two sons of Cain as they were known, his brother is known as Viseral, two brothers locked in an everlasting conflict for power. Devestator was an angel that as absorbed long ago by Sirus when Sirus was in his conquest for power, before the Cecelian Chronicles. Sirus when in time of danger calls to Devestator unleashing the darkness within, giving Devestator full control of his body to unleash hell on aposing factions. Sirus came to rule over the Federation, he was a strong and great leader, and united the world under the Image of the Federation through a great betrayal that is forever noted in history. It is aware that Sirus had become a tyrant and so he was overthrown by his own people so that the world would be free once more, and with Sirus's betrayal of the factions a eternal struggle for power was created that would change the face of Akantor and Cecelia forever. Until recently Sirus didnt fear the angel within, but knowing the darkness was too great to control now, Sirus locked the angel deep within his own body Hoping the angel would never return again. There will always be that chance that Devestator will return, so Sirus must remain calm, and avoid conflict at all costs. Though Sirus has returned to lead the Cecelian Knights once more, he worries about what he may do if the darkness ever escapes again.

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