The story of the man known as O'Connor

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The story of the man known as O'Connor Empty The story of the man known as O'Connor

Post  incorruptable on Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:02 pm

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Name:Dante O'Connor

Age: currently 38

The history of Dante O'Connor the 138th is something worth looking through. He has travelled many lands before reaching Cecelia and learned many a things. He has a single child who's mother died in labour. His child carries the name Dante O'Connor the 139th and awaits news from his father of when to go to Cecelia himself, most likely as a replacement. The places O'Connor has travelled to gave him much experience in tactics, such as his time as a duke ina society of Atlantian Fanatics, who's technology was superior to that of Cecelia's in medicine and a few other fields. He also spent time as the leader of a rebellious group in a fairly large land where he took over half the lands. His latest adventure before settling in Cecelia was that of a railroad operator for supplies where he held his own against all others in the land for days before fleeing one last time. His knowledge gives him a good understanding of his field in engineering, and his best creations are usually made when drunk.
When Cecelia flooded, O'Connor went with everyone else and from there went home where he met up with a friend, Douglass Charger met up with him and sent him to Emperia to report the goings while he grieved the loss of his new found home.

Friends: Cide, fex, Oxirus, Silvius, Kaladin, Brogain, Daniel, Sollux, Sarah, Arkus, danokozmo
Enemies: Cain, Alazaman, Argus, all Illuminus, All the Selfish Ones.
Family: Silvius (blood brother) Sollux (blood brother) Dante O'Connor the 139th (Godson) Myrius (fiancee)
Homeland: Korvin-Samatya

Pic of O'Connor without hood. (best I could draw during a boring class without getting caught)

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The story of the man known as O'Connor Empty Re: The story of the man known as O'Connor

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All selfish ones... Does that my character before the knights was your enemy?

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