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IGN: WittyUsername816
Character Name: Roland Black
Character Age: 24
Character Appearance: Roland is about six foot two inches and is well built. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He has a scar over his right eye. Roland wears dark clothes underneath his diamond-blue armor. He always has a longbow and a battleaxe strapped across his back.

Character Story Description:
Roland Black was born in a small town along the coast of Cecelia. This town was later abandoned when the residents began to flee towards the inside of Cecelia for protection from the raids of the Deamonic Legion. His family fled to the stronghold of the Knights of Cecelia. When Roland was old enough he signed up to join the Knights and began his training under Dante O’Connor. Dante was a rigorous teacher, and taught Roland many tricks to use in combat.
When Roland was old enough and strong enough to began training in magic, he initially wanted to become a Pyromancer, but he quickly discovered that he wasn’t very fond of the use of magic, deciding that all of the scrolls were too much hassle. Roland began to train as a Beast Tamer. Roland advanced quickly through the ranks of the Knights and quickly assumed the rank of Sargent. When the Nations of Cecelia declared a truce, and formed the council, Roland was elected to be The General of Cecelia. He served the Royal Family as a puppet of the Council.
Roland began to resent the council using him and his influence with the people of Cecelia. He left the Knights and he left the service of the Royal Family and the council. He traveled to join the Lotus Clan to join his good friend Trokair. As Roland was taking his airship, the Annihilator , to the Lotus base, he was attacked by the Gravemother. As he called out for help, despite Sirus’ resentment about his resignation, came to his aid, and was captured by the Gravemother.
Sirus was eventually rescued and Roland was a full member of the Lotus Clan. Roland remained a member of the Lotus and met up with several people who would later become very important to him. Roland met Elgar, Isao, Yeni, and Theon. None of them knew it, but they were all destined to become faction mates in a time after the Lotus Clan had failed.
The Light Bringers were hostile towards the Lotus because their beliefs conflicted. Roland organized for a spy to be placed in the ranks of the Light Bringers, and much valuable information was passed from this spy to Roland.
The Lotus Clan was eventually destroyed by a purge, that no one but Roland and his close friends knew anything about. There were a few survivors, but most of the members of Lotus were killed in the attack, and Roland refuses to speak of it.
Roland gathered his friends and moved to a secret island base that they had been constructing before the purge. Roland and his group friends retreated to the island, which they called Sky Jem Island, and formed the group, The White Blades. Roland and his Lieutenants, Theon and Isao, began to finish the defenses of Sky Jem and to construct new cities for The White Blades to inhabit when they get new recruits. Now The White Blades inhabit the cities of Sky Jem, Hephaestus, and <undecided name>.
Character particular friends: Dante O'Connor, E-Fex, Cide, Isao, Kyburz, James, Yeni, Elgar

Character particular enemies:

Roland Black(Witty)
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