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Post  King_AWES0ME on Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:30 am

Character Name: Maine "Lightstrike"
Age: 21
Character Appearance/Description: Black hair , golden eyes , and wears his priest robes. Often seen with a serious looking face. He is very paranoid and secretive. He trusts very few people and only considers a select few his friends. Dislikes vampires and "bad" people.
"If you don't put trust into people then you can't be betrayed or let down."

Background: Maine came from another land before Cecelia. There he lived a simple life with his parents. They made a simple living as farmers, not rich but not poor. His entire family had just worked as simple farmers and Maine grew tired of it. He decided he wanted to break the cycle and move on and do something more with his life. Maine moved to a land known as Cecelia.

Once Maine had arrived in Cecelia he met a group of people called the "Lightbringer Republic." He agreed with the views of the Lightbringers and thought if he joined them he could help change the World and do something important in his life. As time went on Maine progressed in the faction. First he was promoted to a General then eventually took the role of leader when the current one resigned.Unfortunatly, the same day he became leader the Daemon leader known as Viseral attacked the Lightbringer base. Though they put up a valiant defence Viseral used his dark magic to conjure on a black hole that consumed the entire base. This was one of the biggest causes for his hatred towards the Daemon. From that day on he changed his last name to "Lightstrike" to show his devotion to the Light and to send a message to the evil of Cecelia. No one knows his actual last name before it and he'll only tell his best of friends. Maine continued to rule the Lightbringers of Cecelia for a very long time, in that time he experience many battles and has been known as many things - First priest of Cecelia , Vampire Hunter... Just recently Maine had to say his good byes to the Lightbringer Republic when the Great Flood happened. They were forced to evacuate Cecelia to move to Valraneth. From there he took leadership of another great faction- The Elven Alliance.
With the Daemon of Cecelia gone Maine no longer holds his need for vengeance.

Friends- Lupus, Wolf, James Mars, Bane, and LTing.
Acquaintinces- Silvius, Dante, Oxirus, Fringe and Ka'urn.


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