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Post  Chuggaadanroy on Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:56 am

What is League of Legends?
LoL is a FREE fast paced, session-based action RPG where up to 5 players per team battle each other to destroy the other team's base. Based off the popular Warcraft 3 mod Defense of the Ancients, it introduces new elements such as a persistent summoner leveling system to aid you in future games, rune system to effectively customize your champion for your playstyle, summoner spells for tactical use, multiple mastery pages for a talent tree-style additional power boost.

For those not familiar with DotA, you start at level 1 with a small amount of gold, gain experience, and over the course of the game you complete objectives, gain bounty, and kill enemy players on the other team in a race to destroy your opponents' base. At the end of each session, players will gain persistent experience and influence points, used to level up their summoners and to use as currency to purchase runes or champions. The magic of the game resides in wisely combining the diverse champions available and their unique abilities with a myriad of items for sale on the battlefield in order to gain leverage against your opponents. Of course being the best isn't necessarily enough, even professional players will need to coordinate with their team to control the map and strategize effectively to emerge victorious.

Summoner System
A player in League of Legends takes on the role of a summoner - a gifted spell caster who has the power to bring forth a champion to fight as their avatar in Valoran's Fields of Justice. As the summoner controls the champion in combat, the summoner also influences the outcome of the match through the use of spells, masteries, and runes. Once a match is over, the summoner gains experience and influence points. Experience points allow the summoner to gain increased powers, while influence points allow the summoner to gain access to new champions and power ups for use in future fights. Summoners may also spend influence points to change the aesthetics of the champions they summon.

Summoner Spells
Summoners are allowed the use of two summoner spells during any fight in the Fields of Justice. These spells have a direct impact on the action in the battle arena. Summoners, for example, can heal their champion, damage opposing minions directly, teleport their champion anywhere in the Field of Justice they are in, fortify their team's turret defenses, and a slew of other game-impacting results. Summoner spells don't drain a champion's mana on use, but rather are usable again only after a period of cooling down. As a summoner gains experience and increases their power by fighting in multiple battle arenas, new summoner spells will become available for use.

Before a battle arena match begins, a summoner will make use of runes to augment their champion's fighting abilities. There are four kinds of runes a summoner will use: glyphs (magical ability runes), marks (offensive runes), seals (defensive runes), quintessence (powerful all-purpose runes). Before a match begins, a summoner will be able to choose from at least two different rune configurations they have previously set in their runebook, with a maximum of eleven configurations. This allows the summoner maximum flexibility in choosing a runebook configuration best suited for whatever champion they might use in any of Valoran's Fields of Justice.

A summoner is able to focus their intense magical training into three specific categories - offense, defense, and utility - which collectively are known as masteries. Some of the more advanced masteries require not only a working knowledge of previous masteries within a single category, but also the knowledge of a specific mastery. As a summoner gains levels of power within the League, they are able to select which specific areas of interest to focus on. Summoner masteries are not set in stone; based on the type of champion you wish to control in a battle arena, masteries may be changed to better suit a summoner's needs.

The League of Legends Store allows summoners to purchase additional options through Riot Points (RP) and Influence Points (IP). Riot Points must be bought using real money, while Influence Points are earned by playing the game or judging other players in the Tribunal.

Other cool links:
stonewall008's YouTube channel, which is loaded with good jungling videos/tutorials. But Stonewall himself is autismal baby and probably shouldn't be used for more than his guides.

Roku's Competitive Rune Analysis, which is very helpful in determining which runes to buy. Make sure not to just blindly follow the list, but actually read his analysis and make sure you agree with everything he's listed.

Champions: Please refer to this page.

Important Information
* Don't die. Not dying is more important than getting kills, so if you're in a 50/50 situation, go the safe route.
* Towers are not a guarantee against being killed, especially later in the game. Sufficiently tanky characters can take many tower hits while his teammates beat on you.
* Pay attention to the minimap. If an enemy is missing from your lane, tell your team. If you notice enemies missing from their lane, play safer.
* Learn the basics of every champion by playing them at least once. There are ten champions that are free to play at any time, and they rotate weekly.
* Buy wards and place them at various intersections throughout the map. A single 75 gold ward intelligently placed can swing the momentum of an entire game.
* G is the keyboard shortcut for pinging. You can ping the minimap, ping the real map, or tag an enemy. This is extremely useful for designating targets in the heat of the moment. Alt+clicking will also ping.
* Typing /laugh, /taunt, /joke, or /dance will cause your character to emote. You can also type /l, /t, /j, /d, or press shift+1 through 4.
* While laning, try to keep lanes closer to your tower than their tower. Avoid autoattacking mindlessly, as this will make it harder to last hit, as well as push your lane up. However, if your opponent is pushing the lane very hard, you should start pushing back, as it is harder to last hit a large group if they are under attack from your tower.
* Your first item should usually be related to either HP or mana regen, depending on your champion. Doran's items are extremely gold-efficient items to start with, but have no upgrade paths, and buying one at the start will not leave you enough gold for potions. If you want potions, a mana crystal or cloth armour are good starting lane items, depending on the champion. Junglers usually grab Cloth Armor + Potions and build it into Madred's Razor as their first item. On casters, some people like to rush a Catalyst (gives hp/mana on level-up) so they can get their Rod of Ages done as quickly as possible, while others like to rush for a Rabadon's Deathcap for pure damage. Play around with your builds and see what works best for you!
* The middle lane is usually reserved for champions that benefit from leveling quickly, require a lot of gold, and are good at handling a lane solo.
* Learn to zone. Zoning is when you deny the enemy XP and gold by pushing them away from their own creeps with lane dominance. Think about strong lane partner combinations that can do this.
* Control the jungle. This means wards, this means getting dragon, golem, and lizard.
* If the enemy has stealth champions, buy vision wards and oracles if you need to.
* Have a plan to push towers and win the game. Waiting just ramps up the enemy's power level. Chip away at towers whenever possible, but be mindful of your positioning.

Team Fights
* If there is a character that is extremely out of position, such as taking a different path or is simply too far from their team, focus that character down as fast as possible. Otherwise, focus the character that's dealing the most damage. While a common adage is "don't focus the tank", if their carry is extremely underfarmed, while a tanky character is well farmed and dealing the most damage, it might be pertinent to focus that character over the squishier carries. Support characters are also almost always good targets if they've put themselves in a bad position. Be prepared to switch targets at any time, and don't get tunnel vision.
* Do not chase unless your team can handle whomever they are fighting. Most chasing just gets your delicate teammates killed by whichever enemy you left behind.
* When retreating, make sure you cover your team. If you retreat in a staggered, split up formation, the enemy will pick you off. Retreat evenly in formation and they will rarely follow you.
* Your initiator needs to be good at picking times to fight. You need to be good at following your initiator upon initiation.

Some Commonly Used Terms:

Map Related
"Lane": The pathways which both yours and enemy minions will follow. Depending on how you and your minions are fighting the lane will either gradually progress toward the enemy's base or yours. Typically referred to as "top, middle, bottom" lanes.
"mia": This means that an enemy champion is not where he/she usually is and could be going somewhere to kill one of your teammates. European players will often say, "ss" instead of "mia."
"Dragon": Dragon is represented by the yellow skull in the river. Dragon is an important team objective, as he grants the entire team 190 gold (plus 25 to the slayer) upon being killed. Early on in the game, however, Dragon is extremely difficult and dangerous to solo, making dragon control a full team effort.
"Baron": Baron is the red skull in the river. He is very hard to kill, requiring your whole team, and can only be soloed by a handful of champions, and only when they are extremely well-farmed. Killing Baron grants each player on the team 300 gold, 900 experience, and a powerful buff that grants bonus AD, AP, and considerable HP and MP regeneration. This buff lasts for four minutes.
"jungle": Jungles are the areas inbetween the lanes on each side of the river. They have neutral creeps and are useful for ambushing enemies.

Tactics Related
"b" : Means "back," which is a request to retreat as the player feels the position is immediately unsafe and the players should not stay there.
"care" : Means "be careful." Typically used when one or more or your teammates is deep in enemy territory.
"gank" : This usually refers to as having multiple team members come and catch an unaware enemy champion off-guard and kill him/her. This is what happens if you don't heed "care" warnings.
"push" : Help your minions and press forward into enemy territory, usually to kill one of their towers or inhibitor.
"backdoor" : Means to go attack enemy structures while your minions are nowhere near the base, and the enemy champions are not near the base. While legal, a lot of people think it's an honorless, jerk tactic and don't like it.
"poke" : Using long-range attacks (such as a skillshot) to try and weaken the enemy before you actually break into a full fight.."

Strong Champions you should play if you just started:

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League Of Legends Empty ok...........

Post  Talontitan on Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:28 am

I Already Play and it isnt that Great After a While just the same thing over and Over again


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Post  Chuggaadanroy on Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:31 am

Talontitan wrote:I Already Play and it isnt that Great After a While just the same thing over and Over again

You should switch up your champions/play with friends/try different modes

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Post  KrisIsHidden on Tue Feb 21, 2012 9:20 am

I Agree league of legends does get boring in a sense, I played it as well but I myself never cared for the hero vs hero game play. Although its a good game, and we have Many players who play LOL, we may just make a Lol section.

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