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The Story of Lupus Empty The Story of Lupus

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IGN: Dracomac
Character Name:Lupus Gremory
Character Age: 37
Character Appearance:Changes his appearance whenever he wants partly for his protection
Character Story Description: Lupus is essentially a white sheep in a family of black sheep.His Entire family is at least to some degree trained in the art of necromancy. His father a extremely skilled and powerful necromancer had been known to wipe out entire villages just because he needed more servants to build monuments to himself. Lupus and his twin brother Maralath are the heirs to the Gremory Family heirloom the Gremory Infinium. It is a book of infinite dark power created from the skin of the dead and written in their blood. The book is the ultimate necromancer guide it literally amplifies the power of the user times ten and allows them to summon undead minions from the Void,no bodies necessary. Also The Gremory Infinium could only be used by extremely powerful necromancers or Gremory Family members. The truth is Lupus excelled at necromancy as did his brother they were the pride of their family people guessed they would be as strong as or even more powerful then their father.
Then one day while Lupus and Maralath were practicing their summoning in a field near their house a man walked up the road near the field.Their minions hissed and disappeared as the man drew close to the boys. It was obvious from the air about the man that he was powerful and the boys could tell he had powerful light magic. He proposed a deal to the two boys they could redeem themselves from what they were doing if they do what he says. He talked to the boys for ten minutes then left. The stranger had taught them a spell to hide any object and only be able to retrieve it if you did so voluntarily. He then departed saying he knew they would do what was right and walked down the same road he had walked up to them.
Later that night Lupus crept to the place where his father had always hid the Infinium. He was in the middle of the room when suddenly it lite up and his brother was standing in his way with seven minions blocking the way to the book. They stared at each other then Lupus summoned seven minions too and the minions attacked each other. Maralath said he wouldn't let Lupus get the book under any circumstance.Lupus manipulated his undead and made them all explode at the same time stunning his brother and giving Lupus long enough to grab the book.He collapsed when he first touched the book the power literally had him pinned down then he stood up and knocked out his brother and hid the book like the man had showed him. He then left his families's estate and went to the field where he knew the man would be waiting for him.
The man was waiting for him and said to Lupus "I can't believe one of you actually listened." he walked toward Lupus and said "let me see the book kid and you will get your redemption." It was then that Lupus realized the man planned on killing him so Lupus took out the book and used the power of it to destroy the man leaving no trace. He then summoned a minion and commanded it to go back to his brother and apologize and to tell him get the book if he can. He knew he would return to that estate one day to claim what was his.
Lupus ended up traveling for many years moving from continent to continent leaving helped people and fearful enemies in his wake. Then one day he found Cecelia while he was sailing he went to the main civilized area of the continent and asked about the groups around he heard of the LightBringers he sought them out and joined them and swore he would not use his necromancy until his brother found him like he knew he would. Lupus lived on Cecelia many years and experienced much he left to Valraneth along with the others when Cecelia went under.But before they escaped he received a letter telling him two things one that he had been found and two that he was a godfather and a uncle to a beautiful niece and the last thing his brother wrote in the letter is what stunned him though the fact that his niece and his brother were both after him now.

Lupus's Friends: Maine,Ulfar,Wolf,James, more to be added

Lupus's Enemies : Cain, Serenia, Brogain ,Argus, more to be added


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