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Post  Bowserboy129 on Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:43 pm

IGN: Bowserboy129
Character Name: Wolf Cain (Last name has since been dropped)
Character Age: 28
Character Appearance: Wolf is rather tall and muscular looking, but at the same time he doesn't give off a very threatening vibe. From his goofy grin to his posture you can easily tell that he isn't going to try to harm you anytime soon. He typically wears a pair of blue bib overalls, a black tee shirt and brown boots. He also sports a scruffy beard that has gotten it's self-covered in coal dust over the many years of mining. He has jet black hair and steel blue eyes and underneath the coal dust that litters his skin his skin is rather pale.
Character Story Description: To call Wolf a simpleton is an understatement... or is it an overstatement because you can never quite tell with him. While he isn't stupid by any means he for sure doesn't show it, often times coming off as dim whited and as sharp as a rubber ball, but he does have his moments of wisdom where he tries to quell arguments among the warriors of Cecelia.

*More coming soon*


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