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Updating.... I guess Empty Updating.... I guess

Post  beanbagtraveler on Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:31 am

Well as a bit as an update, I feel like talking about myself like a narcissistic person. So I am currently attempting to improve my slacking combat skills as they are rapidly becoming more necessary. Also because of this, I feel that I have a limited time remaining to have a child before I die in combat, however, I do not know of any willing females so this dream will likely not become a reality. Also, the fact that a live akantorian werewolf is also very interesting, unfortunately the new bite mark scar on my back is enough to prove how dangerous she can be. Either way, with all the seemingly world ending events likely to unfold, I will do my best to Serve the Lightbringer Republic and our people. However, there leaves one question : When I die, what becomes of my city, Averstead?

Written by James Mars,
a human being.

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