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The Old Hermit Empty The Old Hermit

Post  kolock8000 on Wed Mar 21, 2012 6:59 am

Character Name:Unknown(called The Old Hermit)
Character Age: Nobodies asked so nobody knows
Character Appearance:old, in rags, has a sword and red dagger, did i say old?
Character Story Description:
Not much is Known about the mysterious Old Hermit except that he came out nowhere and is known that he is usually angry and tiny (LIES) bit crazy. He lives in a wooden shack out in the woods and gets very hostile round visitors but when you manage to see him without him seeing you he is usually talking to a strange monument , saying stuff like "I hope one day will remember you" or "I wish i knew who i was".
He has also contracted an unknowned diseased that's cure hasn't been discovered.
Be VERY careful when approaching him.

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